Victoria Facts

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Victoria is one of the most popular cities in Canada for both tourists and locals and for good reason! Thanks to its mild weather (the mildest in Canada), gardens bloom all year long. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and lakes, which makes it an ideal city for any level of anyone no matter the season. Victoria is easy to explore by foot and at your own pace and can be as enjoyable and inspiring for one's soul as it is enlightening and exciting. Enjoy the diversity of historical, architectural, and cultural composition, gardens, flowers and so much more. It is also the capital city of British Columbia with a population of just over 88,000. If you are not a fan of Canada's cold winters, then Victoria is excellent for you.

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  • 1. Where is the city located? While Vancouver is located 76 miles to the northeast on the mainland, Victoria is located at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. By using a combination of a car or bus ride combined with a ferry ride, it takes about 4 hours to commute between the two cities.
  • 2. How did Victoria BC get its name? Originally called Camosun, this Hudson's Bay Company trading post was renamed Fort Victoria in November 1843 in recognition of Queen Victoria, of Great Britain.
  • 3. What is Victoria Island known for? Victoria is internationally known for its perfect growing climate. Since the 1970s, the city has conducted an annual flower count. The oldest Chinatown in the country is in Victoria.
  • 4. How old is the City of Victoria BC? A total of about 230 individuals lived in the city in 1854, centered on the business of the Hudson’s Bay Company until gold in British Columbia was discovered in 1858. The city is older than Vancouver.
  • 5. Why is Victoria BC so warm? Because the Pacific Ocean maintains an average temperature of 50 degrees F in this region, Victoria has the mildest climate in Canada. Warm summers and cool winters are moderated by westerly ocean winds.
  • 6. What is the coldest month in Victoria BC? The cold season culminates in March. From November 17 to March 3, the average daily high temperature falls below 49°F when it is the coldest month of the year. The coldest day of the year, January 2, has an average high of 45°F.
  • 7. Does it rain in Victoria BC? With an average sunshine hour of 2,193 year-round and an eight-month ice-free season, Victoria can be declared a sunny paradise. Rainfall in the year is about 58.3 cm. In other words, the average monthly rainfall in winter is about 8.5cm (3.35 inches), while in summer it is about 1.83cm (0.72 inches).
  • 8. Is Victoria BC safe at night? Yes, but of course, you should exercise extra caution at night as you would in any city.
  • 9. Does Victoria have snow? It is rare. But If you are a skier, snowboarder, tobogganer, or hot chocolate lover, the mountaintops usually have tons of snow. There are five major alpine resorts in Victoria, including Mt Buller, Mt Hotham, Falls Creek, Mt Baw Baw and Lake Mountain.
  • 10. Only about 20 minutes from downtown Victoria are the Butchart Gardens, which opened in 1904. Despite being spectacular all year round, they are especially impressive in spring. Over a million people visit the gardens every single year.
  • 11. Around 600,000 cruise ship travelers come to the area each year.
  • 12. More than 100 parks are within the city's borders for you to discover.
  • 13. The Inner Harbour is the heart of Victoria. You can see all kinds of watercraft and float plane activity on the water, and it's flanked by historic buildings. Located in this area are the Fairmont Empress Hotel, the Royal BC Museum as well as the BC Parliament Buildings.
  • 14. Rich in British history, over 500,000 teacups of tea are served at the Empress Hotel per year.
  • 15. Over 3,000 lights illuminate the Parliament Buildings at night - a magnificent sight.
  • 16. Canada's cycling capital, Victoria, is well known for its many cycling paths and connections.
  • 17. In North America, Victoria's Chinatown is the second-oldest Chinatown, second only to San Francisco.