10 Things to know before moving to Canada

Canada is great, but not perfect.


This article was in high demand by our foreign friends, so we felt compelled to create it - no country is perfect. The biggest complaints people have is the highest cost of living in Canada, specifically groceries (food), alcohol, bank fees, and of course the insane high cost of internet, cable television and phone bills (speaking of internet, in small rural towns, service is bad, this is due to Canada's massive size). Below we list 10 things you should know about before moving to Canada. Most people leave 100km from the US border.
  • 1. High Taxes - depends on how much you make, but Canadians pay more in taxes than most citizens of other nations.
  • 2. The weather - find out the temperature for your destination, but Canada in general, gets very cold in the winter. The best place weather wise in Canada is British Columbia, specifically the cities of Vancouver and Victoria. They are not as cold and they don't get as much snow (if any) like the rest of Canada.
  • 3. Healthcare - to go see a doctor or check up is free but any prescriptions, you have to buy it yourself. Some employers might help with this, specifically eye or dental care. Speaking of dental care, it is expensive in Canada.
  • 4. Locations & languages - the two official languages in Canada are French and English, so if you only speak either one of the languages, its best to move to the destination that speaks the language you are more comfortable with. Quebec is mostly French, and the rest of Canada mostly English.
  • 5. Tipping - it is expected but not mandatory (you do it if you want); taxi drivers, restaurants, barbers, and customer based services.
  • 6. Drinking alcohol in public is illegal except in the province of Quebec. But in Quebec it is only allowed in parks, as long as you have a meal with you. Smoking in restaurants is not allowed (we know in Eastern Europe, our friends there smoke in restaurants as much as they want).
  • 7. Different lifestyles: Canada is so big and diverse that you can literally choose how you to live. For example, if all you wanted to do is live with nature, you can do that. If all you want to do is live life with the natives in Nunavut, in isolation from the rest of Canada, you can. If you want the big city lifestyle, you can cities such as Toronto and Montreal.
  • 8. Multiculturalism: Canada consists of cultures from all over the world, so you will find all types of communities and foods from back home.
  • 9. Transit: Canada is so vast and big that in many small towns, there are no public transportation, you MUST own a car, otherwise, your only other option is taxi. But in the big cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal, transit is good... they have trains, or buses.
  • 10. Canadians can be passive aggressive: this is to say that most people do not like direct confrontation, so they will do or say things indirectly. This also goes hand in hand with political correctness, you can't just say whatever is on your mind without offending someone.