Selkirk Facts

Nickname: Catfish Capital of the World


Located on the Red River, Selkirk is one of the best cities to raise a family and live in the province of Manitoba. If Winnipeg is too busy and crazy for you, then Selkirk is the place to be. It is the seventh-largest city in Manitoba with a population of over 10,278 people. The city's nickname is "Catfish Capital of the World", thanks to an abundance of catfish in the Red River nearby.

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  • 1. Selkirk, Manitoba is a city that was established in 1882. The name "Selkirk" is of Scottish origin.
  • 2. As of 2016, the population was 10,278 people. The city is headed by Mayor Larry Johannson.
  • 3. Selkirk was incorporated as a city in 1998. Selkirk is in the Red River Valley and has an elevation of 225 meters.
  • 4. In 1866, Selkirk settlers formed the first Presbyterian church in Manitoba, and it still holds services to this day.
  • 5. Selkirk is a hub for recreational activities in Manitoba's far north and is featured in provincial advertising campaigns. The City of Selkirk has the following recreation facilities: Selkirk Curling Club, Selkirk Park Pool & Splash Pad, Athletic Fields, Selkirk Arena & Memorial Hall, Selkirk Recreation Complex.
  • 6. The city also has golfing facilities such as the Selkirk Golf & Country Club, one of the most beautiful golf courses in Manitoba. It is a fun place to come and spend the day with friends.
  • Selkirk Golf Course

  • 7. The community has become a place where many boaters from nearby communities come to relax during weekends. The boat launch site at Selkirk has been completely rebuilt and can be used as a launching point for those wishing to use boats or kayaks on Lake Winnipeg or Red River.
  • 8. Selkirk's proximity to Winnipeg allows residents easy access when shopping or through regional services provided by the city. The distance between the two cities is 35 KM.
  • 9. The Marine Museum of Manitoba is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of marine heritage in Eastern Manitoba. Situated on the Red River in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada, The Marine Museum of Manitoba is a full-service museum open to the public. It is one of the most unique museums in Canada with interesting and cool artefacts, and items. Admission for adults is only $8, and $4 for kids.
  • 10. The city has other attractions such as the Selkirk Skatepark, Selkirk Park, and the Selkirk Waterfront. Oh... and be sure to check out the Selkirk Fair and Rodeo, a fun annual event.
  • 11. The city's main newspaper is The Selkirk Record. In it, you can learn all the latest information and news.
  • 12. Selkirk Mental Health Centre offers day programs, group homes, intensive outpatient programs and residential treatment programs to its patients all year round. Selkirk Mental Health Centre is Manitoba's largest psychiatric hospital.