Saskatchewan Facts

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Saskatchewan is one of the three prairie provinces in Canada. Where it borders with Alberta and Manitoba. The province covers an area of around 600,000 km2. Saskatchewan was originally established as a colony in 1881 and became a province in 1905 when it joined Canada. Saskatchewan's population is also one of the fastest growing populations among other provinces.

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  • 1. The capital city is Regina, where there are over 230,000 people living there.
  • 2. The population of Saskatchewan is over 1,130,000.
  • 3. The area of Saskatchewan is so large that it takes 8 hours in a car to drive from one end of the province to the other.
  • 4. The population density in Saskatchewan is only 2 people per square km.
  • 5. The highest point in Saskatchewan is located at the Cypress Hills and it is about 1051m tall which makes an average elevation of 400m above sea level, making this province one of the flattest provinces on Earth.
  • 6. There are over 700 different species living in Saskatchewan which is an extremely high number compared to any other province in Canada today!
  • 7. The biggest city in Saskatchewan is Saskatoon where more than 200,000 people live.
  • 8. The most populated city in Saskatchewan today is Saskatoon which has over 230,000 inhabitants.
  • 9. The number of provincial parks in Saskatchewan is the highest on Earth (out of any province). It's over 100!
  • 10. The oldest running gold mine in Canada was discovered in 1906 from a farmer from Saskatchewan who as digging a hole with his plough. Today it is still operating and one of the largest gold mines on Earth.
  • 11. The biggest diamond mine in Canada was found in Saskatchewan.
  • 12. The three prairie provinces in Canada are called The Wheat Provinces.
  • 13. Saskatchewan is the only province where there is no topographic map available at all!
  • 14. The entire province has only one time zone, also the entire province uses Central Daylight Time today, instead of any other time zone like Eastern or Western (as it is too large and there is no reason for any other). Also, all of Saskatchewan has only one postal code!
  • 15. Despite its huge size, today Saskatchewan has only one provincial highway (Hwy 1), which runs across the entire province through the city Regina (2 times) and Saskatoon (1 time).
  • 16. The province has over 100 provincial parks, 5 national parks and one international park!
  • 17. Saskatchewan has the largest number of lakes in any province to date with over 70,000 lakes registered, in total 3 times more than the number of lakes in Ontario (the next biggest lake-province).
  • 18. There are over 8 million kilometers of shoreline on Saskatchewan's lakes which makes up for almost a third of Saskatchewan's total area!
  • 19. The world record for freshwater fishing was achieved here with a fish weighing just over 91 kgs caught here!