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Regina is a city in the prairies of Canada. It is located 217 meters above sea level, close to the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 11. There were 216,392 people living in Regina according to Census 2016 and it is growing at a rate of 1%. Regina is the fourth largest city in Saskatchewan. The population density of Regina was 516 people per square kilometer. The education system in Regina consists of many different elementary schools across every region with one high school per district (regional). There are many different secondary schools across every region as well as one post-secondary institution - University of Regina.

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  • 1. Regina is the capital city of the province of Saskatchewan. It became the capital city of Saskatchewan in 1906.
  • 2. The city has a humid continental climate. The summers are hot and humid and winters are long, dry, cold and relatively sunny.
  • 3. Regina is home to the headquarters of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).
  • 4. Regina is home to the head offices for both CTV Saskatchewan and Global Saskatoon cable television.
  • 5. Regina is home to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum.
  • 6. Regina's population has grown at a rate of 1% over the past five years. This compares with growth rates of at least 2% in both Alberta and British Columbia.
  • 7. In 2010, one out of every 15 people living in the city was unemployed. The unemployment rate was 9%. This compares with the national rate of 8%.
  • 8. Regina is home to the headquarters for a number of different companies, including Potash Corporation, Cameco and Lantic Sugar Company Ltd.
  • 9. Regina has a population of approximately 217,000 people as of 2016. The population is growing at an annual rate of 1%.
  • 10. Regina is located 217 meters above sea level and is located close to the Trans Canada Highway and Highway 11.
  • 11. Regina is famous for hosting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and also being the home of the Canadian Football League.
  • 12. Regina is a city in central Saskatchewan and is the center of a major agricultural region, which is known as 'The Golden Triangle' - made up of Regina, Moose Jaw, and Saskatoon. It is also surrounded by wheat fields as well as large lakes which are used for recreational purposes such as fishing and boating.
  • 13. Regina has been chosen multiple times to be the site for major international events, including the 2005 North American Indigenous Games as well as games of national importance such as 2006 Canada Winter Games, 2010 MasterCard Memorial Cup hockey tournament and in 2012 it was chosen to play host to the Canadian Track and Field Championships.
  • 14. Regina has many things to do and see including Wascana Centre which is the biggest outdoor area in Regina. It was designed by the renowned landscape architect, Frederick Todd and is home to many cultural and historic monuments. It is also home to Victoria Park, Wascana Lake, various golf courses as well as the Legislative Building of Saskatchewan.
  • 15. The downtown area is filled with shops and restaurants and it is a great place to go walking in during all seasons of the year. There are also many beautiful parks as well as two major malls - Mid Town Plaza and The Landmark Shopping Centre which have everything you could ever dream of shopping for.