Oshawa Facts

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Oshawa is a city with a population of over 170,071. It is one of the most populous cities in Ontario. The city was established in 1850 and is located on the shores of Lake Ontario. Oshawa is known for its long history of manufacturing (as early as 1910). Recently, it has become a vibrant and thriving community that is home to many businesses, shops, restaurants and attractions that includes a theatre centre that plays host to touring Broadway shows each year.

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  • 1. Oshawa means “where we must leave our canoes” in native language.
  • 2. Oshawa has one of the oldest hospitals in Canada, the Lakeridge Health Oshawa – founded in 1910.
  • 3. For a long time, Oshawa's economy relied on manufacturing and mining; however, today it is dominated by service industries such as banking and insurance.
  • 4. The largest employer in Oshawa is General Motors Canada, employing about 5,372 employees.
  • 5. Oshawa is a great place to live and raise a family, which is why it has one of the lowest crime rates of all major cities in Ontario.
  • 6. When you think of Oshawa, Ontario, you might envision factories and normal modern buildings – but the city is much more than that. In fact, Oshawa can boast a vibrant arts community with everything from art galleries and museums to community theatre centers like the Oshawa Little Theatre.
  • 7. Parkwood Estate is a national historic site of Canada, and it's a great place for a day trip. This stately mansion was built by Samuel McLaughlin. It now operates as a museum offering exhibits on art, trophies, and history.
  • 8. Oshawa has many parks – including gorgeous green fields like downtown's Ritson Park.
  • 9. Oshawa has more than 1,000 acres of parks and natural areas so there's no excuse for not getting outdoors! Parks include Durham Court Park, North Oshawa Park, Lakefront West Park and others.
  • 10. Oshawa hosts three film festivals – the Greenfield Film Festival, the Gay Cinematheque of Oshawa and Cinefest Canada – which showcase Canadian cinema (the latter two are also available online). The city also has a vibrant theatre community with two professional theatre companies: Durham Live Theatre (based at the Cameron Theatre), Oshawa Little Theatre (and its affiliated studio theatre) and The Children's Theatre Company of Durham Region.
  • 11. Oshawa has been dubbed the "R&D capital of the automotive universe" and is home to a number of engineering and design firms. The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) is an educational hub that also contributes to the local economy while also providing higher education to students that might not otherwise have access to it.
  • 12. The city does not have a professional hockey team in the National Hockey League, but The Oshawa Generals, the city's junior hockey team has produced over 180 players in the NHL.