Nanaimo Facts

The Harbour City


Nanaimo is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, a quiet and peaceful city that attracts many retirees. It is located in the province of British Columbia on Vancouver Island, and is a part of the Regional District of Nanaimo. Its population is about 94,000 people. The geography of the city is very diverse and includes many mountainous areas and forests. There are a number of lakes in this region and these are popular with tourists who enjoy swimming, fishing, water skiing, boating or other outdoor pursuits on the lake's surface. Nanaimo has a few beaches that offer opportunities for sunbathing on hot summer days as well as shallow water for children to play in safely.

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  • 1) Nanaimo is known by the following nicknames Hub City, and The Harbour City. The name means a “big, strong tribe” in the native language.
  • 2) It was called Nanaimo in 1858 and was incorporated into a city in 1874.
  • 3) Nanaimo is the sixth-largest city in British Columbia.
  • 4) Nanaimo's area is 102.51 km2 or 39 sq miles, and it lies between Latitude 49º0' north of the equator to 49º16' north latitude. Longitude 123º8' west of Greenwich Meridian to 123 º8' west longitude.
  • 5) The elevation of Nanaimo is about 508 m or 1 672 feet above sea level.
  • 6) Nanaimo has a mild climate, and it contains mostly dry summers and mild winters. Its mean annual temperature is 15°C (58°F). The hottest month is July, with a mean temperature of 23.6°C or 73.5 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas January is the coldest month with a mean temperature of 7.9°C (45 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • 7) Located in Nanaimo, The Dinghy Dock Pub is Canada's only "floating pub", and offers delicious fresh foods of all kinds. This charming and romantic restaurant is a must-visit.
  • 8) The Legendary Nanaimo Bar is so good! Listed in the book "50 Famous Bars in Canada", this local bar has been around for over fifty years. You must try it.
  • 9) Every Christmas morning, thousands of people come to downtown Nanaimo for many different events.
  • 10) The world's largest Salmon Festival is held in Nanaimo during the month of February.
  • 11) It takes about 20 minutes by plane and about 1 hour and 30 minutes by ferry to get to the city from Vancouver.
  • 12) Things to do include; explore the Rainforest, go swimming on one of the many beaches, visit the museum or take a walk around the historic district.