Medicine Hat Facts

The land of natural gas fields

Medicine Hat

The city of Medicine Hat is located in southeast Alberta, Canada. It lies along the South Saskatchewan River. It is located approximately 169 kilometers east of Lethbridge and 295 kilometers southeast of Calgary. Cypress County includes this city and the adjacent Town of Redcliff to the northwest.

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1. Founded in 1883 and incorporated as a city in 1909, Medicine Hat has an estimated population of over 65,000 people, making it one of the largest cities in Alberta.

2. The beautiful city of Medicine Hat is located in the southeast region of Alberta, Canada. The city lies along the South Saskatchewan River.

3. What is Medicine Hat known for, you ask? The city has immense natural gas fields, and Rudyard Kipling famously described it as having "all the hell for an underground". The city is also known for farmland, coal and clay.

4. Located on Trans-Canada Highway, one of the city's famous tourist attractions is the Medicine Hat (Saamis) Teepee. It is the tallest Teepee in the world.

5. The 2013 Alberta floods were one of the worst disasters in Medicine hat's history, and over 10,000 people were evacuated.

6. Among the city's many nicknames, "The Gas City" is the most famous. It is also referred to as "Hatter" by some locals.

7. It is sunny on average 330 days a year in Medicine Hat, making it one of the sunniest in Canada.

8. On July 12, 1886, Medicine Hat experienced a temperature of 42.2 degrees Celsius. On February 4, 1887, -46.1 degrees Celsius was recorded as the coldest temperature.

9. In the Blackfoot tradition, medicine caps are made up of eagle feathers on the tail worn by medicine men. The term "Medicine Cap" is an English translation of the Blackfoot term Saamis Saamis.

10. At 690 m above sea level, Medicine Hat is one of the highest towns in Canada.

11. There is no better multipurpose centre in Medicine Hat than the Medicine Hat Family Leisure Centre.

12. The South Alberta Light Horse (SALH), an army reserve unit, can be found in Medicine Hat. During the North-West Rebellion, the SALH was established in 1885.