Manitoba Facts

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Manitoba is a Canadian prairie province sandwiched between Saskatchewan and Ontario. It is a beautiful province of over 1,267,920 people and is the 6th most populous region in Canada. Manitoba's population has been steadily rising for many years now. There are about 2 new immigrants per day taking up permanent residence in parts of western Canada and Manitoba. The economy was driven by agrifood industries, petrochemical production and commodity processing until recent years when growth has been more diversified with a number of service industries benefiting from the interprovincial trade.

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  • 1. The capital city of Manitoba is Winnipeg. It is the largest city in Manitoba with a population of over 670,000 people.
  • 2. The government of Manitoba is a parliamentary democracy. The Queen of the United Kingdom is the head of state and is represented by the lieutenant-governor. Manitoba has a unicameral parliamentary government, which means it is made up of just one legislative chamber. There are 40 seats in this legislative chamber and the leader of the winning party becomes premier.
  • 3. The population of Manitoba is about 1,267,920 people. It makes up 16% of all Canadian residents.
  • 4. The main language spoken in Manitoba is English.
  • 5. The climate in Manitoba is very cold during winters. Temperatures often drop below 0 degrees. The summers are not too warm for the most part. There are lots of tornadoes in Manitoba and it is very windy.
  • 6. The premier of Manitoba is Brian Pallister.
  • 7. Winnipeg's local economy was hit hard by the First World War when the price of wheat dropped, causing local prices to plummet as well.
  • 8. The economy of Manitoba is driven by agrifood industries, petrochemical production and commodity processing. The province's mean household income is just over $59,000 per year, which is just above the national average (Canada $54,100)
  • 9. Manitoba is famous for being a good place to hunt and fish. There is also a lot of snow so if you like winter sports, this is the place for you.
  • 10. 30% of the population live in Winnipeg or Brandon (Manitoba's second largest city).
  • 12. The biggest cities in Manitoba are: - Winnipeg (population: 678,451) - Brandon (population: 50,879) - Steinbach (population: 10,719) - Portage la Prairie (population: 9,236) - Thompson (population: 8,610).
  • 13. The number of premiers in the history of Manitoba are twenty-two to date.
  • 14. Manitoba's main tourist attractions are the zoo, the Manitoba museum and the planetarium.