Halifax Facts

The pride of Nova Scotia


Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia, and it is the largest city in Atlantic Canada - home to a wide variety of cultural activities. It accounts for more than half of Nova Scotia's population; over 350,000 people live in the metropolitan area. The average age in Halifax is 36 years. The city has an international influence, with many coming from Europe and Asia to study or work. There are over fifty ethnic groups present in Halifax. People from 130 different countries live here, giving the city a diverse culture and attitude. As a result, Halifax is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada.

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  • 1. About a quarter of the population have earned a certificate, diploma or professional degree (for example, law or medicine). So, people here are well educated.
  • 2. Halifax has an excellent business climate with many opportunities for entrepreneurs. The city is home to several major offices of international companies such as Deloitte and Price Waterhouse Coopers.
  • 3. Halifax has a population of nearly 400,000, but the metropolitan area is well over half a million. The population is growing at less than 1% per year.
  • 4. Halifax has a wide variety of entertainment venues for all tastes and interests. It has two professional sports teams: The Nova Scotia Voyageurs feature Minor League Hockey, while the Halifax Mooseheads feature Junior “A” Hockey.
  • 5. About 30% of Nova Scotia's GDP comes from Halifax's service industry. Tourism is also important, and the city has over 1 million visitors every year.
  • 6. The average weather in Halifax is very mild. Halifax has the warmest average winter temperatures of all major Canadian cities, despite its northerly latitude.
  • 7. In addition to being Canada's largest city east of Montreal, it is home to: Canada's largest natural harbor. Canada's largest navy base: and the Royal Canadian Navy's Atlantic fleet is based here. The country's largest shipbuilding facility: over half of the Royal Canadian Navy's vessels were built at the Halifax Shipyard in North Dartmouth. Canadian Forces Base Shearwater, part of Canadian Forces Maritime Command, hosts Patrol Wings Atlantic and 426 Squadron Royal Air Force (the latter is a lodger unit at 12 Wing Shearwater).
  • 8. The economy of Halifax is heavily reliant on the presence of the Federal Government and Defense industries due to Canadian Forces Base Halifax (CFB Halifax) and the Port of Halifax. Local business, however, is quite diverse with significant sectors in mining and forestry; fishing; manufacturing; transportation and warehousing; film production; information technology; financial services; education, health care, emergency services and tourism.
  • 9. The city has a large military presence with 5 Canadian Forces Bases, including Maritime Forces Atlantic Headquarters; the largest naval base in Canada, CFB Halifax; a major air base at 12 Wing Shearwater. The Royal Canadian Navy's Atlantic fleet is based here. The Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics, the largest such training facility in Canada, has been located here since 1940.
  • 10. Although it is still behind tech leaders such as Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver… Halifax’s tech industry is growing very quickly.