Fun Facts About Muskoka

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Muskoka is a district municipality in central Ontario, Canada. Muskoka spans six townships and is part of the region known as cottage country. It was first named by the British surveyor David Thompson, who was employed to map the "Huron Tract". He explained why he called this place "Musquakee" in an article published in a Toronto newspaper in 1859: "The Natives call these falls Musconka or Musquakee." The name has evolved over time to become Muskoka.

Do you like nature? Wildlife? Lakes and many other fun outdoor activities? Then, Muskoka is just for you. This is a place full of nature and adventure where you can enjoy every moment.

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  • 1) The District has many lakes that have beautiful scenery around it. You can enjoy the lake sunsets and other outdoor activities by enjoying the lakes on your Muskoka vacation rental vacation package. Over 2 million people visit every year.
  • 2) Speaking of lakes, Muskoka has over 1000 lakes and features a serene and natural beauty that makes it one of the best places to visit in the world. It has over 55,000 people who live in the area full time, and well over 100,000 vacation homes. Most of the people who own a summer vacation home here come from Toronto. This is where most of Ontario's rich come to play (some from all over the country, even some of America's rich own cottages here).
  • 3) There are more than 500,000 years of geological history present in one hour's tour through the Canadian Shield.
  • 4) Other popular tourist destinations include Algonquin Park and Lake of Bays.
  • 5) The district offers a variety of different types of recreational activities... including hiking, fishing and boating for those that want to experience nature up close (and personal).
  • 6) With so many lakes to choose from, Muskoka is the perfect destination for any fishing enthusiast. Muskoka is home to the Walleye and Northern Pike fishing tournaments. It is not uncommon to catch 20–25-pound fish in these tournaments!
  • 7) Muskoka has been voted Canada's #1 tourist destination four times, and it consistently leads Ontario for the best place to retire and purchase a cottage.
  • 8) The average temperature in July is 24 degrees Celsius (76 Fahrenheit).
  • 9) Many cottages are still built with wood from local forests around Muskoka. Buildings are also constructed using local stone.
  • 10) One of Canada's oldest lakeside resorts, Windermere, is located in Muskoka. It was built in 1870. This majestic resort will make you feel like royalty!
  • 11) Even if you don't have a boat you can enjoy boating in Muskoka! Every year there is a boat parade during peak season that showcases boats of all sizes.
  • 12) Never seen an outdoor exhibit? Then come to the Muskoka Tree Museum! The District is home to the only cedar tree museum in the world. The Cedar Museum (also known as the Muskoka Tree Museum) on Ryde Lake features wooden structures and exhibits of cedar trees from across Ontario. Note; bring walking boots, water to drink and bug spray!
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  • 13) One of the most popular drink options in Muskoka is the "Lighthouse" which is made with ginger ale, lime and vodka.
  • 14) Throughout Muskoka many different types of businesses have been established including but not limited to heritage sites/farms, breweries, golf courses, hotels/resorts, and museums.
  • 15) The cottage industry in Muskoka generates over $1 billion a year from cottage rentals alone.
  • 16) The Muskoka region is home to many diverse wildlife including deer, raccoons, broad-winged hawks and ospreys. It is is also home to two different types of foxes: Red and Gray.
  • 17) There is an annual moose sighting contest every year that attracts hundreds of people.
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  • 18) During the summer months there are various places in Muskoka that allow you to rent water toys. These include paddleboards, SUPs (stand up paddleboards), kayaks and canoes.
  • 19) In the summer you can also enjoy boat tours of Lake Rosseau and Algonquin Park. These tours take approximately one hour and offer a beautiful view of the lakes and wildlife.
  • 20) The region is also home to many different festivals such as the Summerfest, Harvest Festival, Streets Alive and numerous events that occur throughout the year at various cottages.