Charlottetown Facts

The capital of Canada’s Prince Edward Island


Charlottetown is the capital city of the province of Prince Edward Island in Canada. This city is known as the birthplace of the nation for being where three founding fathers Edward, John and Samuel led a meeting which eventually led to the formation of Canada. This article will inform you about Charlottetown's history, economy, GDP, manufacturing and more.

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1. Charlottetown is a coastal city in Prince Edward Island officially named "The City of Charlottetown". It was founded by United Empire Loyalists who fled from the American Revolution to Canada during 1769 due to their allegiance with Britain and are therefore mostly English-speaking descendants.

2. Charlottetown is one of the oldest cities in Canada, along side the following cities, Quebec City, Halifax, Sydney and St. John's.


3. Charlottetown is named after King George III's wife, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in Germany since Prince Edward would not name it after the King himself due to his dislike of the King's policies.

4. Charlottetown officially became a city in 1855 and a town in 1847.

5. The city is known as the "Birthplace of Canada" since it was where the first meeting of the Fathers of Confederation was held which led to the creation of Canada in 1867.

6. Charlottetown is governed by a mayor, a city council of 15 people and appointed people, and a "Board of Commissioners.

7. Charlottetown's economy is mainly based off of tourism since it is the most accessible province in Canada by road and water and because of its temperate climate.

8. Since tourism plays a huge role in Charlottetown's economic growth, it has many varied tourist attractions such as The Confederation Centre Of The Arts which houses an extensive collection of visual arts, the Prince Edward Island Railway Museum which houses one of the few remaining railways on PEI; a Maritime Law Museum; and a Maritime Exhibition Gallery.

9. Charlottetown is known for its beautiful scenery and is often called "The Garden City" because of the many flowers grown in the area year-round.

10. Charlottetown is also known for its seafood since fishing is one of the most popular recreation activities in PEI attracting tourists from all over the world.

11. The manufacturing sector plays a minor role in Charlottetown's economy contributing 2% to PEI's GDP which equates to $36 million CAD or $19 million USD.

12. Things to do and see in Charlottetown include: Victoria Park, The Queens County Court House which was built in 1838 and is the oldest courthouse in Canada still standing, The Confederation Centre Of The Arts which has an art gallery, a concert hall, a theatre and a heritage interpretation centre, and Fort Charlotte replica.

13. Charlottetown's government consists of a mayor, a city council and appointed people, and a "Board of Commissioners".

14. The Mayor of Charlottetown is the head of the Council. He or she is elected by the city's residents for a two-year term.

15. The City Council of Charlottetown is made up of 15 councillors representing ten wards who are elected in an at-large system for four years.