British Columbia Facts

BC is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

british columbia

British Columbia is Canada's westernmost province and the third largest by area. It has a population of about 5,264,485 people (as of 2022) with a total area of 202,950 sq km. The capital city is Victoria, and the biggest cities are Vancouver and Surrey. The province has the best climate in Canada, thus, attracting lots of tourists and has a high cost of living. Read more interesting facts about British Columbia below.

1. British Columbia joined Canada on July 20th, 1871.

2. The first premier was John Foster McCreight from 1871 to 1872.

3. The current Premier in British Columbia is John Horgan, and the current leader of the opposition is Shirley Bond.

4. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in in the world with great scenery including beaches, lakes, mountains and forests. Long Beach is one of most popular spots to visit for tourists.

5. The main language is English, but there are others like German and Chinese.

6. British Columbia has a population of about 5,264,485 people.

7. British Columbia has a very mild climate oceanic climate year-round making it an extremely popular tourist destination in Canada. The mildest temperature ever recorded was -7.

8. British Columbia has a remarkably diverse economy, which includes forestry, fishing and mining, technology, film and music production, education and tourism. Agriculture is also a growing sector in many rural parts of BC like the Fraser Valley (located south of Vancouver).

9. Its natural resources include coal, copper, gold, lead, molybdenum, and silver. British Colombia is also Canada's largest producer of hydro-electric power. The major cities include Vancouver and Victoria.

10. British Columbia has a high cost of living compared to other provinces, while the minimum wage is less than most provinces in Canada.

11. British Columbia is the 3rd largest province by land area, behind Ontario and Quebec. British Columbia's western border is the Rocky Mountains.

12. Among many other things, British Columbia is famous for the Rocky Mountains, Vancouver Island, Whistler and the Okanagan Valley.

13. In Vancouver, nearly one-fifth of residents are Chinese immigrants, making it one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada. As a result, you can enjoy many types of Asian cuisines such as Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese food in this city.

14. Famous dishes in British Columbia are Nanaimo bars and West coast seafood chowder.

15. Some of the things to do in British Columbia are visit the largest city of Vancouver and walk around Stanley Park or take a walk along the boardwalk and take some scenic pictures. Visit the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island and take a ferry to Vancouver Island and enjoy the forest there. Go to Whistler in winter for skiing or visit in summer for hiking. Go to Prince George in Northern British Columbia for some fishing, take a stroll down by Seattle while visiting Washington because it is right beside of British Columbia, visit the capital city Victoria and have some tea at a local tea shop.

16. Education in British Columbia is provided by public schools and private schools. Public schools in British Columbia are generally free to attend for all students through grade 12; this includes kindergarten through grade nine (grade 10 was removed from public school programs in 2002), but some private schools charge tuition for elementary grades only.

17. Two major highways cross BC from east to west; one highway that runs through the southern portion of the province is Highway 1/Trans Canada Highway (#1) while the other highway that crosses BC from west to east is the Yellowhead Highway/Highway 16 (#16).